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R&Q Solutions LLC (R&Q),formerly known as R&Q Reinsurance Solutions LLC (RSL), specializes in providing comprehensive, integrated outsourcing and run-off administration and technology and reinsurance systems solutions as well as consulting services to insurers, reinsurers, and liquidators/regulators.

Our expert team of reinsurance professionals provide fast, efficient, and cost-effective reinsurance processing, administration, and consulting solutions for reinsurance-related problems without the cost of recruiting, training and managing a group of specialized employees.

R&Q Solutions has dealt with a wide spectrum of problems, industry issues and complexities inherent in claim settlements, commutation negotiations, arbitrations, lawsuits and the closing of estates in the insurance and reinsurance industry. We have developed industry contacts, enhanced our leverage and knowledge, and maintained a reputation for integrity. and upholding the highest professional standards.

R&Q Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd. and has offices in Philadelphia, Seattle, New York, Macon in the United States. In the United Kingdom, R&Q Solutions has offices in London and Witham. In addition, R&Q Solutions' staff is augmented by an international network of independent consultants and strategic partners.

Our staff are among the most highly skilled insurance and reinsurance professionals, with a wealth of experience in reinsurance claims management, underwriting, systems, accounting, collection of complicated claims recoverables and process re-engineering.

R&Q Solutions was formed in response to the industry's need for innovative, cost-effective reinsurance and insurance services. Our comprehensive support services are today's solution for tough administration and collection problems and other reinsurance-related issues. Partnering with R&Q Solutions contributes additional depth and focus to your critical projects and assures problem-free administration,improved cash flow and cost-effective solutions.

  • To provide long-term value to ongoing and run-off operations through high-quality services at competitive prices.

  • To offer clear solutions that will assure our clients of improved cash flow.

  • To maximize our clients' reinsurance assets.

  • To manage the operations of discontinued companies, divisions, or product lines in order to preserve industry reputation while protecting and enhancing cash flow, contractual rights, and corporate assets.

Workers' Comp Loss Mitigation  
Insurers need an integrated business approach to controlling workers compensation costs. While investment returns are well below historical averages, combined ratios are climbing and historic pre-tax operating gains are eroding rapidly.
R&Q Solutions will study your historical financial results, analyzing up to 75 cause of loss factors using our proprietary software to identify your loss drivers.      more...
The FIRST System®  
The FIRST System®, “Fully Integrated Reinsurance Solutions Technology” (FIRST), is R&Q Solutions' proprietary ceded reinsurance processing system. FIRST is a robust application providing full reinsurance processing on a PC platform.
  • An integrated Windows-based system for processing ceded reinsurance
  • Property/Casualty and Life/Health
  • Client-specific customization
  • Extremely high level of automation
Governmental Services  
R&Q Solutions processes over $1.6 billion in reinsurance transactions per year. Our claims organizations work closely with the clients in the review and analysis of client claim data and are well-versed in insurance and reinsurance industry trends. Claim billings and claim recoverables each total approximately $600 million annually. The calculation and payment of initial and subsequent premiums and premium adjustments are made based on each client’s contractual requirements. Currently, over $400 million of premium transactions are processed annually.      more...
Exit Solutions  

Sale of Company

Unlock capital tied up in run-off operations, remove an unnecessary management distraction and end financial uncertainty by selling your non-core or legacy book of business.

Run-off Administration Outsourcing

R&Q Solutions has extensive experience in managing both primary and assumed run-off portfolios. We reengineer your processes to produce a more efficient and effective run-off solution. We can handle all aspects of the run-off including but not limited to statutory/GAAP accounting and reporting, claims management, reinsurance collections and commutations and regulatory compliance activities.

Solvent Scheme of Arrangement

A Solvent Scheme of Arrangement is a court-approved agreement between a company and its shareholders ...      more...

Captive Management  
Our affiliate, R&Q Quest, is the leading independent captive management company in Bermuda with over 110 equity captive clients and segregated cells , having been in business in Bermuda since 1979. Our clients include major corporations from the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, as well as a number of groups, associations, not for profit organizations and private companies.      more...
All Services  
As an outsourcing company, R&Q Solutions provides its clients with an alternative so that they can avoid the cost of recruiting, training and managing groups of highly specialized employees with competencies which are generally not core to their primary business. We differ from other companies who provide outsourcing products by offering completely integrated solutions that include everything from experienced temporary support personnel to systems, reviews, audits and run-off financial solutions.      more...